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Carpet Cleaning

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Our professional carpet cleaning is ideal for all types of carpets whether it be for home or business, and whether it is for one room or a whole house.

We know that no two jobs are ever the same and our highly experienced team will ensure that the service we provide, is tailored to you and your carpets, giving you high-quality results every time.


Before having your carpets cleaned, we ask that you please remove all breakables and items from the tables and other furniture that you would like moved.

Remove all small items such as boxes, shoes, toys, etc. from the areas to be cleaned. We will move sofas, chairs, and tables that you choose to have moved. This will allow us to clean underneath and provide a more thorough room clean.

Larger items such as cabinets, and electrical items, will not be moved.

Call us: 0161 374 2937

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

We will assess your areas of concern, spots where you know what was spilled, and those that you don’t. While we can remove many spots and stains, some may be permanent, but we will advise you of these.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum

Next, we vacuum the rooms to be cleaned.

Step  3: Pre-spray and Spotting

Marks and stains are spot cleaned with the appropriate stain remover, and then the carpets are pre-treated to lift dirt and grime from the carpets.

Please note 100% stain removal can’t be guaranteed.


Step   4: Extract and Rinse

Using our hot water extraction machine (steam cleaning), hot water with a rinsing solution is sprayed on and powerful twin vac sucks up the water and dirt.

Step   5:  Carpet Protector 

This is always recommended, as it prevents staining and re-soiling and will keep your carpets looking fresher for longer.


There will be nothing left but a clean, fresh-smelling carpet!


It is advisable to arrange for your pets and children to be away from the area to be cleaned.

Persian Rug Carpet Cleaning
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