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Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery can be one of the hardest things to clean yourself. Many of these household items never get a proper clean. Used every day.


All sorts of things such as dirt, food, and drink stains make them look tired and grubby. That’s why it’s important to have these items professionally cleaned, to remove germs, and to get them looking fantastic again.

Whether it’s a sofa, armchair,  or dining room chairs, our team will endeavour to remove all marks and dirt, leaving items fresh and clean.

Our upholstery cleaning process:

Step 1: Area Preparation

First, we will prepare the area where the upholstery will be cleaned, laying down protective covers where necessary .


Step 2: Pre-Spot

Marks and stains are individually treated with specific chemicals.


Please note 100% stain removal can’t be guaranteed.

This is due to several factors – the type of stain, type of fabric, length of time the stain has been present, or whether the homeowner has already used a domestic stain remover which can set the stain.

In most cases the stain can be completely removed, or at least greatly reduced.

Step 3: Apply cleaning agent


A specific upholstery cleaning agent is sprayed on and lightly brushed into the fabric

Step 4: Extract and Rinse

Using our hot water extraction machine (steam cleaning), hot water with a rinsing solution is sprayed on and powerful twin vac sucks up the water and dirt.


Step  5: Fabric Protector (optional purchase)

This is always recommended, as it prevents staining and re-soiling and will keep your upholstery looking fresher for longer.

Upholstery - Before


Upholstery - After


Upholstery - Before


Upholstery - After


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